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Vehicle Size Determines How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month

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Everybody worries about how much is car insurance per month that they have to pay. Because of the high rate, most of them cancel to get car insurance. However, it is not a good choice since the number of vehicles in the road is getting more and more. It means that the risk of having car accident is high as well.

However, you can get lower car insurance rate if you want. It doesn’t mean that you have to do something illegal or cheat your insurer. Not at all. There is something that you can do without having to break the law.


Choose Right Vehicle

One of the best way to get low insurance rate is choosing right vehicle. In this case, it is better for you choose a large vehicle. How come? It sounds illogical. Nevertheless, it is totally true. When you want to avoid high car insurance rate, buy a large car.

Based on facts, most of larger car have more completed safety features. Besides, if you compare between small and large vehicle, the large vehicle usually gets better safety rating. That is why you will have low premium if you buy a large vehicle.

However, it is not all. It is also determined by the engine. Even though you choose the large vehicle, you have to pay high car insurance rate if the engine is large. Sport car must have large engine under the hood. The insurer will give you expensive rate due to the high risk of having accident. Those who are behind the sport car wheel tends to push the gas and speed in the road. They have high risk of having car accident. That becomes the reason why you have to pay high rate for sport car insurance.

In short, choose the right vehicle. Get the large car in size but not engine.


Two Other Steps To Get Lower Rate

Have you decided which car you want to buy? When you think that you still cannot afford to pay the car insurance per month, these steps will be helpful.

Frist, take safety riding class. It is actually a class designed to make sure that you will be truly safe behind the wheel. It is good for you, isn’t it? However, the insurer sees from the other point of view. Since you have got safety riding class, it makes him or her sure that you have sufficient skill to control the speed of your car on the road. Therefore, the risk of having accident is low.

Second, find discount. Say the insurer that you have clean driver record. You will get discount. Now, you shouldn’t worry about how much is car insurance per month anymore.

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