Having Car Accident Without Insurance Not At Fault

Here What You Do When Having Car Accident Without Insurance Not At Fault

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It might occur to you. You have car accident without insurance not at fault. You might think that it is the worst thing that you have done since you have not got car insurance yet. But, it is useless when you are complaining to yourself.

You might be mad and disappointed since your car is totally damage. However, is it possible that somebody hitting your car fixes your car? It is quite possible but you have to do something hard.


Can You Claim To Negligent Driver?

Actually, it is your right to ask the negligent driver to pay for the repairs. However, can you make it happen? Most of people who face this kind of problem can get the money from negligent driver to fix their car.


However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do.

  • Try To Negotiate

First of all, you have to do negotiation. Don’t be angry with the “at fault” driver. Try to be calm to find out the best solution. You have to argue that this bad happens because of him or her. Then, ask him or her to help you at least to tow and repair the damage. At the same time, you can give him or her some helps like calling his or her family.


  • Ask The Negligent Driver Insurer To Repair

It is such a fortune when the “at fault” driver has car insurance. He or she can claim the damage of your car. So, the insurer will take care of your car.


However, you can force the driver to claim to his or her insurer. In fact, it is up to him or her. It might be possible that the driver takes money from his or her own pocket to repair your car.

In short, try to be calm. Don’t be mad since it is bad at the beginning. And it is quite possible that it will be bad at the end.


When The Negligent Doesn’t Want To Pay

The worst thing might happen. It is when the driver refuses to pay the bill for your car repairs. So, what you have to do?

It might not work but it is worth to try. Call the driver’s car insurance. File the damages caused by the driver. It you are lucky, you will get your money back. It is like the driver owes you money for car repairs and the car insurance pay owe. That is all that you have to do when you have car accident without insurance not at fault.

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