Footman James Classic Bike Insurance

Footman James Classic Bike Insurance

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People drive a car because it is convenient transportation mode but when some people choose to ride a motorcycle, it is also how they show their passion to adventure and the spirit of freedom. There are people who are not just ride any motorcycle but choose to ride classic bike. Yes, they are special people who are not only have huge enthusiasm and passion but also have pride and joy. Footman James Classic Bike Insurance offers the right kind of protection these kind of people needs.

It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without insurance coverage. Even more important is to protect the riders from serious financial problem in case of road accident or possible stolen motorcycle. When you have classic bike, the need of insurance coverage is even more important. Classic bike insurance covers both the bike and the rider not only from possible accident but also from risks of breakdown as the bike is rarely use and mostly kept in storage.

How to Qualify Classic Bike Insurance

It is important to know that you are eligible for classic bike insurance. To qualify, you need to meet these criteria:

– The motorcycle is older than 15 years and valued less than £50,000

– The owner held full driving license for more than one year

– The has membership of one of the pre-selected clubs

– The motorcycle is stored inside the garage at night

Footman James has more than 30 years of experience in insurance industry and it has been specializing in providing insurance coverage to classic vehicles’ owners and drivers including classic bike’s owners and bikers.

Footman James Classic Bike Insurance

This insurance company really knows that every classic bike owner has particular interests and that makes each owner needs specific insurance coverage. Footman James Classic Bike Insurance is designed to the answer of this issue. The insurance policy is tailor made to meet unique and specific needs. More than just ordinary coverage offered by most motorcycle insurance, the policy also covers various other needs such as breakdown, spare parts, agreed value, opportunity to ride other classic bikes, and even coverage for helmets and leathers. Any coverage related with your enthusiasm to ride classic bikes, this insurer can provide the right protection.

Getting Classic Bike Insurance

How can you buy Footman James Classic Bike Insurance? It is highly recommended to start from Footman James’s website and proceed to classic motorcycle page. There you can find brief information about the classic motorcycle insurance covering important points every prospective buyer needs to understand. You can also find contact information to submit any question you have. It is better to contact this company for more detailed information and advice about the right policy for your actual situation. There’s also an option to get the quote for your classic bike insurance. Just fill the online form and submit it and you’ll get the free quote in no time. The quote will give you information about how much policy for your preferred coverage. Don’t miss the opportunity to get more information to get possible discounts for your classic bike insurance.

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