Footman James Car Insurance 17 Year Olds

Footman James Car Insurance 17 Year Olds

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Classic Car Insurance Scheme for Young Owners. Classic cars may be the old vehicles but it doesn’t mean they’re only for old people. People from all ages become classic car enthusiasts and it’s more about passion and interest. It is even more surprising to learn that classic car enthusiasts are getting younger and younger. Many young drivers are enthusiast driving classic cars. Some of them even only get their driving license not too long ago. Yes, there are 17 years old classic car enthusiasts and their number is growing. It is a new trend for car insurance providers to anticipate and Footman James Car Insurance 17 Year Olds makes this insurer ahead of the others.

Young Classic Car Owners Also Need Protection

It is a common knowledge that everyone driving a car must be covered with proper car insurance policy otherwise it is considered an illegal action. Young drivers need even more protection for insurance policy because of their lack of driving experiences make them considered to have bigger risks. For those young drivers with big enthusiasm in classic car, it is very important to have a specific car insurance policy to cover the unique and specific needs of classic car drivers. Footman James, a leading car insurance provider specializing in classic and vintage car coverage, offers specially designed insurance scheme for young drivers, age between 17 to 23 years old, who have passion in classic cars. Since classic car isn’t a cheap hobby, those young classic car enthusiasts are definitely in good financial condition to afford good coverage and that what makes them even more potential market for insurance industry.

Qualification for Young Owner’s Classic Car Insurance

Not all young drivers who drive classic car can qualify to this Footman James Car Insurance 17 Year Olds. There are several criteria to determine whether a young driver can eligible for this type of classic car insurance policy. Those criteria are:

– Young classic car owner has membership of one of the pre-selected clubs

– Owner has only maximum one minor conviction or non-fault claim

– The vehicle must be manufactured before 1985

– The vehicle is a primary vehicle. Owner needs to have second car for daily use

– The vehicle’s annual mileage is limited between 3000-5000 miles

– The vehicle must be park off the road or kept inside the garage

How to Get Discounts

It is fair to warn young owners of classic car that this car insurance scheme won’t be cheap. This could be quite costly depends on the type of vehicle and the owner’s personal condition and record. No matter how financially strong they are, it would be even better to have opportunity to save money. Luckily, Footman James offers new point system leading to eligibility to bigger discounts. The point will be awarded who are able to show their commitment and passion in classic car. What they need to show:

– Length of membership of a classic car clubs

– Active involvements in club’s events

– Family history of classic car’s ownership or club membership

– How they get information about Footman James’s scheme for young owners

Young people are very passionate with their interests. Footman James Car Insurance 17 Year Olds allows young classic car owners to enjoy their passion while keep them protected.

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