Footman James Classic Car Insurance Review

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Footman James Classic Car Insurance Review

Classic Car Insurance for Every Particular Need

Classic cars are not just ordinary cars and it takes knowledge and passion to have such an appreciation to those vintage cars let alone spending money on them. While most owners treat their classic cars as collection where mostly the vehicles sit on the garage unless there’s special events, some other owners are treating their vintage cars more like business assets. Yes, there’s high demand of classic car rental especially for wedding as well as other special events.

Having your classic car ready to rent means your car is driven or used more than most other classic cars. This has several serious consequences such as higher maintenance cost and don’t forget, an insurance issue. It is obvious that your car needs better coverage than most classic cars and this may increase the insurance premium.

Is Your Car Still Eligible for Classic Car Insurance?

First, it is important to make sure that your car is still eligible for classic car status. Insurers have their own definition of classic car but generally the vehicle must meet these factors: older than 15 years, kept in mint condition, driven less than 5.000 miles a year, and not used as primary vehicle. However, you need to check with the insurer to make sure the condition that you rent the car for special event still make it eligible for classic car insurance. Check this Footman James Classic Car Insurance Review to learn more how it can provide the right coverage for your valuable classic car.

Classic car is a serious hobby and there’s a big number of people with this kind of passion. Insurance companies see them as promising market opportunity. Most big insurers have their own classic car insurance products offering coverage designed to meet unique and particular needs of classic car owners. Since your situation isn’t an unusual one, you will need even more reliable insurance policy and that’s why you need to choose Footman James Classic Car Insurance.

Why Choose Footman James Classic Car Insurance

Footman James is a leading car insurance company with a highly respected reputation. For more than 30 years, this insurer has been specializing in car insurance products for classic cars and vintage cars. It has been helping classic car owners and enthusiasts with the best solutions to provide coverage and protection suitable with their passion while also protecting their valuable assets. It won’t be difficult to find good Footman James Classic Car Insurance Review from various car insurance review portals or publications, another proof of this insurer’s excellent reputation.

Footman James can provide specialist policies to meet various needs of classic car owners. That’s including insurance coverage for wedding vehicles. This type of product is designed to cover the ones driving and in the passenger seats when the classic car is used for weeding event. It also provides protections for the vehicle as your valuable asset. Do you want to know more how this insurance can provide the right solution for your needs? Find this insurer’s contact information on the website and don’t hesitate to contact them.